KKFC – Nepalese Reply to the American KFC with a Twist

KKFC - Nepalese

KKFC was launched back in late 2017 with the motive of providing an affordable option for fried chicken to multi-national company KFC. The restaurant was opened by an entrepreneur, Amar Shah, who left Australia and returned to Nepal quitting his high salaried jobs just to open the restaurant.

The foreign concept has been fully implemented in terms of services and the atmosphere. The location of the restaurant cannot be questioned either. It is stationed at the famous People’s Plaza, New Road. People’s Plaza sees the foot traffic of the daily shoppers in the higher percentage.

People have been visiting the place for its new innovative way of delivering food. Inspired by the food serving robots of Japan, he craved the idea of food delivery with the ROBOT named EMMY. Once you have placed the order and the payment is done, a circular device is given to you while you take your seat. When the placed order is ready, the device rings and Robot, probably one of the first of its kind in Nepal comes to your seat playing melody all the way.

The entire setup can be the mirroring of the famous KFC. From the ordering station to the food preparation tables. The layout or the internal vibe, all can be identical to the KFC. However, KFC being a multi-billion multi-chain restaurant established decades ago have more manpower and resources for its Research And Development (R&D) section and also invests in millions of dollars in it.

Now coming to the food that I ordered. I ordered a Chicken Burger with extra cheese, a medium bowl of Popcorn Chicken and a medium cup of Soda. The bill came around in the mid 500 NRS. The food was cheap as compared to the main KFC outlets in other parts of Kathmandu. Popcorn chicken tasted good with a small amount of salt excess. But my main complaint was the soggy chicken burger. The salted cheese that was used in the burger made the food saltier. The quality of the cheese could be bettered as it made the burger soggy and watery rather than maintaining the crisp taste of the fried chicken intact and made it more cheesy.

The willpower of Ajay Shah could be credited with the highest respect for establishing such a unique idea of robot food delivery in Nepal. He has inspired a generation of youth to do something in Nepal itself without going to the foreign countries. He has proved that there are enough resources in the country for a startup and sustenance could lie in the management and the quality of products a person delivers.



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