Momo : The Most Consumed Food of Nepal

Momo : The Most Consumed Food

Momo : The most consumed food of Nepal. Momo is a type of South Asian dumpling; native to Nepal, Tibet, and the Sikkim, Assam, and Darjeeling regions of India.Momo is a type of steamed dumpling with some form of filling. Momo has become a traditional delicacy in Nepal, Tibet and among Nepalese/Tibetan communities in Bhutan, as well as people of Sikkim state and Darjeeling district of India. It is one of the most popular fast foods in Nepal. Momos have also spread to other countries like United States (some parts), UK and India.

A simple white-flour-and-water dough is generally preferred to make the outer momo covering. Sometimes, a little yeast or baking soda is added to give a more doughy texture to the finished product.

Traditionally, momo is prepared with ground/minced meat filling, but over the past several years, this has changed and the fillings have become more elaborate. These days, momo is prepared with virtually any combination of ground meat, vegetables, tofu, paneer cheese, soft chhurpi (local hard cheese) and vegetable and meat combinations.

Every Nepali family has a slightly different momo recipe, with various theories on how to make them the juiciest and delicious, or how to keep the dough skins to the desired delicate thinness.

Momo in Nepal is found in every other cafe’s and restaurants and not only that, it is cheap and yum! This traditional delicacy were initially made in a round shape with meat and vegetable stuffing but now, you can find various kind and types of momo in different shape, size and stuffing. Momo is usually served with a dipping sauce, locally called achar and are made with tomato as a base ingredient.

There are different types of Momo’s served in Nepalese restaurants and street food vendors such as Steam Momo, Jhol Momo, Kothey Momo, C-Momo etc. Today we will also be talking about the types of Momo too. So here they are

Steamed Momo

steam momo

Usually, the momos are steamed and are found in every other restaurants and cafe in Nepal. These scrumptious juicy momos are filled with minced veggies or meat and are put in dumpling steamer. Most of the people here consume Chicken Steam Momo, Buff Steam Momo, and Veg Momo. It’s like an everyday food for the people especially residing in Kathmandu and always comes first to mind while having lunch hours.

Chilly Momo

chilly momo

Chilly Momo commonly known as C momo is also a favorite dish to try in which the normally steamed momo is dipped in the hot sauce with some spicy flavors.It is best for the people who like spicy food and have some choices for their taste. It is also available in Chicken, Buff, Veg, Paneer. Mainly available in restaurants and cafe rather than street food vendors.

Jhol Momo

jhol momo

Jhol which already means a liquid or having liquid-like consistency is prepared by drowning the normally steamed momo in a bowl full of sauce also called jhol achar. The sauce or jhol achar is thin in consistency and have a bit of a hot, spicy and tangy twist. There are some selected restaurants who have it on their menu so you can try it. Best suitable for the winter season to taste it as it is hot and helps you to keep warm.

Kothey Momo

kothey momo

Kothey Momo are half fried half steamed momo which comes in different shapes and is fried in a pan with oil and only the bottom half is fried and the upper part is steamed.The filling can be either veg or various kinds of meat; chicken, buff, and pork are mostly available.

Fried Momo

fried momo

Fried Momo is the one which is a little bit oily in comparison to other momos available.These crunchy versions of momos are made by deep frying the momo or frying after steaming the momo. These momos are crispy on outside and soft inside. You can eat these fried momos as snacks in the evening or serve them as starter in any party with red chilly chutney, less spicy tomato chutney and white sauce an relish eating.

Open Momo
open momo

Open momo is one of the types of momo which is consumed mostly in the Kathmandu valley and only available in less number of restaurant and some street vendors.The momo wraps have four openings which make it easier to pour their famous assortment of distinctive momo sauces. The open momos, folded partly in four section, making the keema visible makes it more unique. The open momos are served with peanut, tomato and green chilly chattni. Not only its look, but the taste is great too.

Paneer /Cheese/ Khuwa Momo

paneer momo

The dough of the momo is stuffed with either Paneer, Khuwa or Cheese and is served with achar. Although, it sounds a bit unusual, consuming the dairy product in the form of momo is always an option.It tastes good and is a must try when people eat different types of momo for the taste.

Tandoori Momo

tandoori momo

The mouthwatering Tandoori Chicken Momos has set off a feeling of unquenchable greed in the heart of foodies all around the globe especially in Nepal and Indian subcontinent.Classic Nepali dumplings, slathered in Tandoori marinade and cooked under intense heat for that heavenly charcoal smokiness we all know and love.It is a must try for the one who loves the smokey flavor food.

So these are the Momo you will get to eat in Nepal and also other types are also available which i have not listed above but these are the ones which ones must try and I am sure it will not be the only time 😉 .

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