Nepali Dishes You Should Not Forget to Eat

Nepali Dishes

Nepal a country with lots of amazing people and people of different community and locality. Different locality and different community adds some flavors to the criteria in the food they consume and the ones they make the best. As Nepali is famous for some of its best cuisines all over the world, and its been highly praised by the tourist who visit Nepal for enjoying the treks, the gigantic Himalayas and beautiful peaks, the culture which we have and the warm welcome nature from every Nepali all over Nepal and of course the food which is found here in different places of Nepal and is a must try while being in Nepal. The dishes you should not forget to eat while being in Nepal are many but we will be enlisting some of it as you may need some information which to try.

#1 Daal Bhat Tarkari:

daal bhaat tarkari

Daal Bhaat Tarkari is regarded as the ethnic food of Nepal which is eaten two times daily by Nepalese. You will be served with the perfect combination of Daal (Pulse soup), Bhaat (steamed rice), Tarkari (Curry), Achar (Pickle), Dhido( flours of maize, wheat, millet, buckwheat after boiling), Meat etc which is full of a balanced diet. Daal is a soup made of lentils and spices which is served with the boiled grains known as Bhat. Tarkari is curry-a mash-up of different vegetables flavored with spices and curry powder. It is the main staple diet of most Nepali people and usually, You will gain a unique style of taste which is available throughout Nepal and also will help you to stay close to locals.

#2 Momo:


These scrumptious juicy momos are filled with minced veggies or meat and are put in dumpling steamer. Momo is usually served with a dipping sauce, locally called achar and are made with tomato as a base ingredient. It is the perfect dish that can be eaten anytime. It is usually steamed or fried found in almost every restaurant, hotel and motel of Nepal and mainly eaten as an appetizer. This dish is very popular in almost every corner of Nepal. Momo is a must-try food item of Nepalese cuisine once you are here.

#3 Dhido:


Gundrook is dried and fermented green vegetable leaves. It is usually prepared as soup adding beans and potatoes. It is slightly sour and tangy with very unique taste.Dheedo is a sugar-free dish made up of either wheat or maize. The food is high on nutrition level and satisfies the taste buds as well. It is usually eaten with Gundrook soup. Dheedo is considered to be very healthy especially for diabetic people. This dish is also called as the national food of Nepal which can be found in typical Nepalese cuisine restaurants and the local homes of the villages. It is famous in the hilly region where Rice is scarce.

#4 Kwati (Mixed bean soup):

kwati soup

It is a popular traditional Nepalese soup especially made in cold and rainy season with nine kinds of beans like black eye peas, soya beans, green peas, cowpeas, chickpeas, black lentils, adzuki, mung dal, and favas. The kwati is especially prepared during Janai Purnima that is rich in protein. It is also believed that eating kwati during sickness will provide strength.

#5 Aloo Tama:

aalo tama

Aloo Tama is unique Nepali curry dish made with aloo (potato), Tama (bamboo shoots) and beans that must try when you are in Nepal. It is also one type of Newari special dish which is sour in taste. It can be easily available in Newari restaurant with samay baji. Buff meat and black-eyed beans add extra taste in this dish. It is also prepared especially in Newari community feast.

#6 Chatamari:


Chatamari is the popular Newari round shape dish made with rice flour, meat, egg and vegetable cooked in a non-stick pan. It is a Newari food item which is also a type of an appetizer. It is also known as Newari pizza. Chatamari is a special dish prepared mainly in Newar festive. Initially, it is prepared by making flatbread in heat and over the bread minced meat, egg, tomato onions, green chili, spicy etc. if you wish for more taste. It is considered as healthy and good food to eat.

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