Ramlal’s Papdi Chaat Near Suraj Arcade Basantapur

Ramlal's Papdi Chaat Near Suraj Arcade Basantapur

Ramlal’s Papdi Chaat Near Suraj Arcade Basantapur. Papdi chaat is a traditional street snack found all over Nepal. Papdis are crispy chips made from a simple wheat dough. Much like nachos, the papdis are topped with assorted accouterments of complementing and contrasting textures and flavors, and always dusted generously with chaat masala, a fragrant and flavorful spice mixture. Traditionally, you find the papdis buried under fluffy boiled potatoes, tender chickpeas, bright mint chutney, sweet-and-sour tamarind chutney, and crunchy sev (fried chickpea noodles), which are the ingredients featured in his recipe.

ramlal's papdi chaat

It has a perfect combination of crunch and mouthwatering flavor of chutneys. The chaat masala is a spice blend that adds funky, salty, spicy, and sour flavors to the chaat. The tangy-sweet tamarind chutney adds bright, fresh, tart, and sweet flavors to the fried crisps.

Mr. Ramlal who is the proud owner of the stall delivers a perfect chaat taste which the people who visit Basantapur Durbar Square goes for it like its a craving for them. Its so delicious that you would be even licking the paper made spoon and want to enjoy every single ingredient which is used to make this papdi chaat a must try dish while being in Kathmandu.

ramlal's papdi chaat

You need to get in queue sometimes so that you can get a chance to eat the delicious papdi chaat there. It costs NRS 70(0.7 $) for a plate of papdi chaat there. It is made in a steel small bucket like utensil and all the ingredients required for making papdi chaat are kept in it and he mixes it with closing the lid and shaking it up and down. After the chaat is completely made he adds toppings of bujhiya, coriander leaves some peanuts and his secret herbs in a paper plate and there you go now you can taste the richness of skills which he has dedicated for making such a mouthwatering papdi chaat.

If you need an honest suggestion please don’t forget to taste Ramlal’s Papdi chaat Suraj Arcade near Basantapur, Kathmandu.

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