Station Cafe: The food club cafe in Pokhara

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Station: The food club cafe in Pokhara. Station Cafe Aaloo Located in the heart of Pokhara City (Gairapatan), Station Cafe is well known to serve one of the best fast foods in the town. Out of its menu with lots of varieties, Piro Aaloo always gets picked in the order list. First boiled, then fried in large sizes, then seasoned with herbs and spices and finally served on sticks with a hot and sweet dip(sauce) is a wonderful treat you any foodie around.

Station : The food club cafe in Pokhara

Potatoes from Pokhara are well known all over in Nepal and these fried potatoes in Station are something anyone always loves and remembers. The major specialty of Station Cafe is their sauce often known as piro chutney. This sauce incorporated with any fried food makes the taste buds always crave for it. Often foodies and other people tend to have French Fries while they visit various restaurants but after tasting this Piro Aaloo, many might change their opinion.

station cafe

The place is also famous for many stick foods like sausages and many other chicken fast foods like leg piece, drumstick, wings, etc. Momos from here are also one of the favorites in the town. Anyone who wants to treat him/herself, as well as friends and family, can once pay a visit to Station Cafe. Serving such delightful fast food makes Station one of the best food junctions for young people of Pokhara.

The taste of it is something mesmerizing and even the sausages here are so tasty and delicious one cannot forget its taste once they have eaten it. Mostly in the evening time, it has lots of customers waiting to get their food enjoying the cool weather of Pokhara.

For anyone visiting Pokhara, tasting this special Piro Aaloo from Station is something that needs to be added to the menu.

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