Top 5 Sekuwa Corners of Kathmandu

Sekuwa is meat roasted in a natural wood fire in a traditional Nepalese country style. It is a traditional snack for Limbu people, often accompanied by a drink. While the meat is still raw, it is mixed with natural herbs and spices and other ingredients. Sekuwa can be made with pork, lamb, goat or chicken, or a mixture. It is usually served with puffed rice, a spicy pickle, and some salads. Sekuwa is very popular in Nepal, especially in Dharan and Kathmandu. With the growing culture of going out in Nepali Middle class, Sekuwa corners have become a prominent place.



Dharane sekuwa corner

Dharane Sekuwa Corner is one of the prominent sekuwa places to visit when in Kathmandu, Nepal. With the franchise spreading across the city, only the outlet near Anamnagar, Singha Durbar is famous and is worth trying out. Famous among the working government employee of  Singha Durbar, Dharane Sekuwa Corner is a perfect place for the people to munch on snacks during the breaks. It has got a stiff competition from the renowned Bajeko Sekuwa but still, the place has earned a reputation for the best sekuwas in town.

Pork momos and Pork sekuwa are the must dish to try out in this place. The succulent taste of the meat could be described in a word “SERENE”. The first bite brings all the flavors of the meat and the tenderness of the meat could be felt throughout the bite.

We would suggest to visit the place and keep the mind open for the joy of the taste buds and tummy.


Bajeko Sekuwa NepalBajeko Sekuwa meaning ‘Grandfather’s Barbecue‘ is a Nepali restaurant chain. Started as a family restaurant four decades ago. Bajeko Sekuwa has become synonymous to the Nepali food culinary history. Bajeko Sekuwa has a chain of restaurants all over Nepal satisfying the cravings of BBQ in Nepalese people.

The main reason for the popularity of Bajeko Sekuwa has been credited with the out of the line taste of their meat and their affordable price. They use in the house spices and herbs which gives a distinctive taste to the tender meat. The spices they use can be found in all the major supermarkets of Nepal giving chance to the people to make their own sekuwas.

The service of the place worth noted for with all the employees attending the customers adequately. The takeout service is excellent with the wait time of only 30 minutes.


Michael Bajeko Sekuwa, Kathmandu, NepalFamous for its Jhaneko Sekuwa and Hyakula Dameko, Michael Bajeko Sekuwa has been a prominent competitor in the grilled and BBQ section of the food. It is located in one of the busiest parts of the city, Sankhamul (Below Sankhamul Bridge). Even though the area is packed with all the famed sekuwa corners of Nepal, this joint has earned quite a reputation of being one of the best-grilled meat in the town.

The place is just a walkway distance from the Pulchowk Engineering College and other prominent educational institutions. It serves as a ready to eat food for the students with the moderate price of the dishes. Despite the taste of the meat is exquisite, the pickle served with the dish is worth noting for. It is suggested that people with the cravings for the spiciest food could much on.


Royal Taas Ghar, Kathmandu, NepalAlso located at New Baneshwar, Sankhamul, Kathmandu, Royal Taas Ghar has been offering discounts for the students. The discounts it offers are famous among the students’ fraternity. The clean hygienic atmosphere, free WiFi and the omission of service tax on the items make it perfect for the popularity among the students.

One can feel a positive vibe in the premises of the restaurant and the tender meat of the place serves is delicious. The food served here is worth an accolade.

You will not be disappointed by the food or the service and the place is worth a visit once.


Airport Lama SekuwaLocated just a 10 minutes drive from the airport, Airport Lama Sekuwa is best known in the area. It is situated just by the side of DHL office in Sinamangal. They serve all kinds of meat as Mutton, Chicken, Pork, and Buffalo. Among them, the buff sekuwa is worth trying. The dishes have been priced at 150-200 NRS depending on the type of sekuwa. Often served with a spicy chutney (pickle), people love the heat of the dish.

Despite being a small outlet, the food served here is lip-smacking. Food lovers are suggested to visit the place during the late hours of the evening.

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