Use of Frozen Mo: Mo at Multi-Chain Nepalese Restaurant

Bota Mo:mo

Frozen Mo: Mo at Multi-Chain Nepalese Restaurant: Bota is the multi-chain Nepalese restaurant in Nepal with its branches opened all over the Kathmandu Valley. The core objective of the company to deliver “the best service”, “the best quality”, “the best food”, “and “the utmost hygiene” at “ the best price”. But the conglomerate has been disappointing in the food and the service sector.

The consumer who had high hopes for the food have been partly disappointed by the services provided by the restaurant. Taking the foreign concept of self-service, the restaurant has not yet implemented the process properly. I was greeted with the sight of frozen momo, taken from the deep freezer and put in the momo steamer. This made my expectation fall below that one could imagine. I had become a great fan of their momo dishes when I first had a munch of it in late February 2018 in their Jochhen, New Road outlet, but all the high hopes shattered when it came to the Kalimati outlet.

I can understand the use of frozen momos for the services but their motto best quality and best food has been compromised greatly. People tend to consume momo because of their juiciness and tenderness of the meat. Apart from the meat items, the vegetarian version of the dumplings has a bitter and awful taste.

The takeaway version also has to be improved. The conventional packing won’t be working as the restaurant has risen the standard of their service. A more conventional and reliable packing system have opted for the better takeaway experience.

Now, coming to the cost of the momos and all its tributary dishes. The food is cost-effective for as long as there is more improvement in the vegetarian momo. Other dishes are a bit on the expensive side in comparison with other high-end restaurants.

Different outlets sell different standard of momos and other dishes. The quality has to be improved with the freshly made momos. Bota has to invest in its in-house development in the production of fresh dumplings. The juiciness and tenderness of the fillings in the momo can only be attained when the dumplings are made with the fresh ingredients and made instantly prior to the service. The high demand can be achieved only when Bota invests in a team of momo makers which supplies to all its outlets.

 Bota could learn from the American fast food chains about the implementation and the preparation of the food with the freshly made ingredients. The chicken supplied to different countries provided are locally farmed and maintained by the KFC itself.

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